General Electrical

We offer a full range of general repairs and updates to the electrics in your home.




Do you get frustrated at all those extension leads and mess of cables in your home?

With an ever increasing amount of electrical devices in the home extension leads can easily become over used, which can be dangerous.

The best solution is to have a few more sockets professionally fitted to meet your needs.




fuse box replacement


Worried about the age of your consumer units?  

Does it have test labels or the correct mcbs (ciruit breakers)?

If your not sure contact us today for help and advise.





Moving house or just purchased a new property?

Are you are unsure of the condiditon of your elcetrical installation

Our electricians use state of the art equipment to test and diagnose faults.

We upgrade your system to meet current standards.





 plug socket


    Annoyed by damaged sockets, lights not working

   or sockets in the wrong places?

   We safety test and remedy any electrical

   problems that you maybe having.