Environmental Policy

environmental policies



Our planet is important to us all. We are fully committed to caring for our planet.

At Pratt & Chesterton, we endeavour to ensure that the organisations carbon footprint/impact on the environment is as minimal as realistically possible. We are committed to the following policy.



It is our intention to;

-    Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and with other codes of practise, standards and related requirements to which we subscribe.

-    Continually improve our overall environmental performance.

-    Set ourselves environmental objectives and targets, which address those aspects of our activities, products and services that have significant environmental impacts and that we can influence.    

Our main objectives are;

-    To minimise our waste and pollution.

-    To minimise our need of non-renewable energy.

-    To minimise our need to travel, and wherever possible to use the least polluting mode of transport appropriate to each required journey

-    To minimise our use of supplied water.

-    To protect and improve natural habitats.

-    To consider the environmental implication of all goods and service we intend to purchase, and wherever practical, select those that are least damaging to the environment.